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Pleated Mesh Systems Manufacturer and Supplier in Gurgaon

Pleated Mesh Systems Manufacturer and Supplier in Gurgaon

Delmen Nets is the manufacturers and the suppliers of an excellent and superior quality of Pleated Mesh Systems for windows and doors in Gurgaon. The greatest choice for protecting oneself from insects during the summer is a pleated mosquito net.

The pleated mosquito net is a sturdy mesh used to block flying insects while allowing air to pass through windows and doors. It is made of several strips of metal wire, such as steel or aluminium, that are woven together to form the mesh. Due to the way they provide protection, pleated mosquito nets have grown in popularity.

The perfect solution is to install pleated mosquito nets. They won’t allow not only mosquitoes but also gnats, pests, house flies, and many other insects inside. Food industries install pleated mosquito nets at their premises as these insects damage food and cause contamination.

Benefits of Pleated Mosquito Net from Delmen Nets - Gurgaon

  • Pleated mosquito nets are especially suitable for spaces that require air and can be moved to receive sunlight.
  • Pleated mosquito nets require no maintenance and are rust-free, which means they don’t need painting. Most of these nets come with aluminium, so re-coating is not required.
  • Pleated nets provide both insect protection and ventilation. The metal wire's pleated supports are woven with fabric in patterns that let air pass through the door and deter microscopic insects that pose further health risks.
  • Perfect pleating designs are available, and we provide custom pleats in a variety of forms and shapes to install at any opening or window correctly.

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“ Let me compliment you and your team for the amazing work you have done on mosquito-proofing my verandah. I recommend this product because of the excellent quality and service. ”

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“ Amazing Product. We really like the quality and the finishing, it matches international standards. Commendable initiatives taken by the team. The much awaited product is now available at great price. ”

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“ Great Product which meets exact requirement with quality material and classy stitching. Loved the one sided sticky Velcro straps. Worth buying this product. Good toughness, Light Weight and durable screen mesh”

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